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Alitalia, American Express Renews Partnership Agreement

American Express Italia and Alitalia have decided to renew their partnership. This synergy, that just in the past few days turns 20 years old, will continue to create added value for millions of travelers that have decided to become Cardmembers of Alitalia American Express Green, Gold, and Platinum Cobranded Cards.

American Express Alitalia Cards do not just represent one payment method, but also allow access to a series of useful benefits and insurance coverage at home or on vacation. Thanks to the partnership with Alitalia, each purchase carried out with American Express transforms into a trip: with everyday expenses, in fact, the client then accumulates miles to request a reward ticket.

Alitalia American Express Cardmembers have the additional advantage of benefitting from an extra plus one trip reward. In addition, among the other benefits there are accelerators for the accumulation of Standard and Qualifying Miles (for all cards), the immediate access to exclusive clubs, and facilitated renewals (for Alitalia American Express Gold and Platinum cards) and 20% mile refunds for the purchase of premium tickets (for Alitalia American Express Green cards).

The new partnership aims to optimize the Alitalia American Express Cardmembers experience with an important focus on client acquisition through online channels. In addition, in line with updates introduced by Amex in recent months, there will be continuous attention focused on the increasingly mobile Customer Journey thanks to the Amex IT application and to its new functionality. Introduced on November 19th, Amex Offers provides offers and vouchers to take advantage of in retail outlets and allows to receive a discount directly in the credit card statement. The strong points of this are the consolidation of offers in a single place, the personalization of offers on the basis of one’s own spending habits and a map that advises the Cardmembers where to find the offer closest to them.

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