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Makhachkala Airport

Airport Chaos in Makhachkala as Protesters Confront Arrival from Tel Aviv

Hundreds of people have assembled at Makhachkala Airport following the arrival of a flight from Tel Aviv. They are currently inspecting vehicles leaving the premises, and the roads leading to the airport have been closed off.

Local residents, who hold strong anti-Israeli views, have gathered in response to the heightened tensions in the Gaza sector.

According to the airport’s website, the Tel Aviv flight touched down at 19:17. Subsequently, a group of protesters, numbering in the dozens, entered the terminal building and attempted to breach the fence surrounding the runway.

Two Aircraft, operated by Pobeda and RedWings Airlines, sent to holding areas due to an incident at Makhachkala Airport, causing closure. Dagestan residents attempt to force their way onto the aircraft by climbing on its wing.

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