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AEGEAN to Gradually Restore Traffic

Following the gradual ease of restrictions with regards to transportation within Greece and entry regulations to other European countries gradually to be announced, AEGEAN, will be enhancing connectivity in its domestic network. Starting May 18th, AEGEAN will be gradually increasing capacity to Heraklion, Chania, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis, while additional frequencies will be added to Rhodes, Corfu, Mytilene, Chios, Samos and other domestic destinations, as of May 25th.

Additionally, and by the end of May AEGEAN will gradually restore international operations to some major European destinations. In particular, AEGEAN plans to restart operations from its Athens hub to Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt and Geneva, initially within a limited frequency. At the same time, more flights will be operated to Brussels, which is the only international destination that hasn’t been suspended.

AEGEAN is willing to gradually and with extreme cautiousness restore its network, while fully respecting the tremendous national effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak within the country. Therefore is in cooperation with the competent authorities aiming to assist the formation of the relevant health protocols as health and safety of both passengers and crews, are of utmost priority.

In preparation for the resumption of flight services, AEGEAN has already enhanced the increased precautionary measures prior, while boarding and during flight, including the mandatory use of mask during flight, alongside the aircraft cleaning and disinfection processes, and is in close cooperation with the relevant authorities in order to implement additional safety measures with respect to social distancing and sanitation, upon official announcements.

As of March 26 and throughout the entire period following the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, AEGEAN maintained a limited frequency flight service to all domestic network, aiming to facilitate minimum essential connectivity for the island’s needs and a small number of weekly flights from Athens to Brussels in order to maintain the country’s connectivity with the EU’s administrative center. It also operated, in cooperation with the relevant authorities numerus humanitarian cargo flights for the transport of medical and pharmaceutical supplies from China to Greece and Cyprus alongside repatriation flights from various international destinations.

AEGEAN officially reveals its new livery and branding as well as the presentation of the first three new-generation Airbus A320neo, equipped with the latest technology Pratt & Whitney engines. 

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