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Adventure Canada Launches an Immersive Culinary Program

Adventure Canada is leading an industry-wide local food expedition movement with the launch of Taste of Place, an immersive culinary program on its Newfoundland Circumnavigation, sailing October 2019 and June 2020. This program will bring travellers closer to their food sources and highlight the Atlantic province’s deep connection between land and plate.

The 11-day, 10-night excursion, named a Canadian Signature Experience by Destination Canada in March 2019, showcases the stunning landscape, varied wildlife, and rich and warm culture of Newfoundland. With a focus on local dishes—think Partridge berry tarts, mustard pickle, cod tongues, Labrador Arctic char chowder, flipper pie—Taste of Place will provide an unmatched local experience for both hosts and guests, featuring onboard and onshore presentations, celebrations, and original menus designed and supplied by Canadian chefs, farmers, fishers, and culinary leaders.

“Food is inextricable from culture, community, and economy—and showcasing local food is one of the best ways to celebrate these places,” says Cedar Swan, Adventure Canada’s CEO. “The places we’ve been visiting for over three decades are communities that have become like family—with unique stories, rich relationships, and challenges. Our priority is to responsibly deliver exceptional travel experiences and endeavour to contribute to positive change.”

With its goal that Taste of Place benefit local communities through sustainable procurement, preparation, and disposal processes, Adventure Canada has partnered with leading food organizations and local innovators including Anita Stewart, founder of Food Day Canada, and Lori McCarthy of Cod Sounds to educate and engage travellers on the intrinsic connection between food and place. These partners will join the 2019–2020 Taste of Place expeditions to lead discussions on celebration and change through food, and to highlight global issues like climate change, food security, and Indigenous food sovereignty.

Taste of Place launches on the next Newfoundland Circumnavigation voyages, sailing from October 2 to October 12, 2019 and June 26 to July 6, 2020, with prices starting at $3,995 USD per person.

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