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Adria Airways Increases Weekly Connections from Ljubljana

On Sunday, March 31st, Adria Airways is switching over to its Summer Timetable. During this time, which lasts until October 26th, 2019, the carrier increases the number of weekly connections compared to the winter timetable from Ljubljana and Pristina and preserves the number of destinations from its winter season. 

This summer season Adria will be serving 16 destinations with direct flights from Ljubljana to: Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Manchester, Munich, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana, Vienna and Zurich. 

Adria will continue to connect Pristina and Tirana with Frankfurt and Munich. 

In total Adria Airways will operate 194 weekly flights across 20 routes. 

This summer season, on a weekly basis, passengers can fly between Ljubljana and Munich 19 times (last year 14 times), Pristina 14 times (last year 7 times), Skopje 14 times (last year 7 times) and Tirana 14 times (last year 9 times).

Adria will fly between Pristina and Frankfurt 8 times per week (last year 7 times) and Munich 6 times per week (last year 4 times). 

With our codeshare agreements with partner airlines, Adria Airways enables passengers, with direct or connected flights, access to fifteen other destinations, namely Belgrade, Berlin, Delhi, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Helsinki, Istanbul, Moscow, Oslo, Singapore, Stockholm, Stuttgart and Warsaw. 

After successfully implementing a more optimized flight network for the Winter Timetable, the Slovenian air carrier has achieved greater operational stability, which is why this trend will continue into the summer season, with the focus being on reliability and punctuality of its operations. 

“The responsibility before the new season is big. Very challenging conditions in the aviation industry are unlikely to diminish, and we must not allow repeating the experiences of last summer. We continue to invest all of our efforts into greater operational excellence, reliability and maintaining business stability. Our passengers will have a more flexible and comfortable travel experience with further improvements to our product on existing routes, and thus increasing the value for our passengers, “said the Managing Director of Adria Airways, Holger Kowarsch.

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