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nhow London

A First Glimpse at nhow London

A first glimpse at the highly anticipated nhow London hotel was presented yesterday, as Maarten Markus, Managing Director Northern Europe of NH Hotel Group and James Soane, Director at Project Orange, hosted an exclusive preview of the construction site. Located on 250 City Road, the property is on the fringe of buzzing Shoreditch, with access to the most vibrant neighborhoods in London.

Catering to those craving a unique and premium design experience, nhow London is set to delight visitors and become a new hub for London’s creative community. A contemporary interpretation of classic elements of London culture, the design of the hotel is based on the theme ‘London Reloaded’ and surprises guests with unexpected design elements such as a Big Ben rocket statue and its very own robot butler Henry.

“London is one of the most exciting and forward-thinking cities in the world, so in order to create a buzz we needed to make sure that we matched the city’s creative energy. But also when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI seems to be everywhere and everyone is talking about robots. As leaders in the hospitality industry, we decided to take the next step by implementing a robot, named Henry, which we will use as an unexpected addition for our guest relation service,” says Maarten Markus about the decision to heavily invest in unusual design features.

The new hotel, which is set to open late summer 2019 will feature 190 rooms, with the Royal Garden Suite being the property’s most exclusive room, occupying the top floor of the hotel.

The company commissioned Project Orange to bring its vision of unexpected design to life, with Director James Soane explaining the project.“nhow London required vivid storytelling to capture the concept of ‘London reloaded’ and we were encouraged to develop a radical series of theatrical spaces for the Instagram generation. Each area is connected through a narrative that transforms familiar London icons into dramatic installations that catch the eye. The outcome promises to be a playful and stimulating hotel, engaging guests in the ever changing dynamic of the city.”

London icons reinterpreted – the inspiration behind nhow London

Colourful textures will confront contemporary art in the rooms, creating an unforgettable version of London. Punk will meet high tech style, while graffiti will appear alongside unconventional images of past monarchs. Throughout the hotel, bold and fresh design takes inspiration from traditional British icons, such as the Royal Family, London landmarks and the underground. All have an unconventional and contemporary twist, with stand-out features including a Big Ben rocket sculpture in the lobby, tables featuring cockney rhyming slang and oversized gold bell lights, a reminder of the city’s famous church bells.

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