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Shipping Container Home

5 Reasons to Have a Shipping Container Home

A shipping container home is a structure made from steel shipping containers, which are substantial, reusable intermodal containers used to transport goods. These containers can be combined to form a multilevel home or a personal office, or you can use them individually as a home or office.

There are two sizes of shipping containers available: 40 feet x 8 feet versus 20 feet x 8 feet. The living area of the 40-foot shipping containers is 320 square feet, compared to the 160 square feet of the 20-foot containers.

As prospective homeowners look for alternatives to the traditional multi-bedroom house, shipping container homes and tiny houses, silo homes, and RVs are becoming increasingly popular.

As times change, more people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of these housing options. The top five detailed explanations for why you should investigate shipping container homes are listed below. They are:

1. Affordable and Simple to Construct

Finding a low-cost place that suits your needs and preferences is possible with container homes. These shipping containers are not that pricey when compared to a typical house. They can be created from the inside out to look and feel just like a typical home, both externally and internally.

However, don’t forget that although shipping container homes may be more affordable than conventional housing, this ultimately depends on several different aspects, including location, design, and materials.

Building one isn’t difficult when it comes to making these distinctive homes.

The container serves as the primary structure of the house and is already constructed; all that is left to do is arrange the interior and add any porches, outdoor areas, or decorations you desire. That makes building a home simple and affordable, which is a great combination.

Shipping Container Home

2. Durable and Long-lasting

For the construction of shipping containers, manufacturers frequently use corten steel. This self-healing steel shields cargo from damage during transportation across bodies of water.

Compared to conventional housing, shipping container homes made of weathering steel are probably better able to withstand bad weather.

This makes them a fantastic choice for regions vulnerable to severe weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Additionally, they have excellent fire and pest resistance thanks to their steel construction.

Despite frequent use and weather exposure, shipping containers are made to last for many years. The lifespan of the majority of containers is at least twenty years, and with proper care, they may last even longer.

3. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Since shipping container homes are typically made of steel, if you ever decide to sell one, you can usually recycle it. In addition, you won’t need to cut down a lot of trees to make room for your home because they can be placed almost anywhere.

Many people are looking for ways to lessen their environmental impact in light of the growing green movement, and containers can present a fantastic opportunity to do so.

They have a smaller carbon footprint than more conventional homes because they use a lot fewer living resources like electricity or water. However, their level of sustainability will vary depending on several variables, including the materials used, energy efficiency, and overall environmental impact.

4. Mobile All Over the World

Given that shipping containers were originally used to transport cargo, one advantage that many individuals overlook is quite obvious. A shipping container home is essentially a larger and better version of a mobile home.

Homes made of shipping containers are often very portable. Your container doesn’t have to be placed on a fixed foundation; it can be placed on a trailer or even a floating base that floats on the water.

You could even live in various locations across the nation or the world during various seasons if you were willing to manage the logistics of it all.

As a result, your house can be moved to a new location with ease if you ever need to do so. Because of this, shipping container homes are an excellent choice for those who might need to move frequently, like military families or those with remote jobs.

5. Customizable with Various Options

It’s simple to modify homes built from shipping containers. A custom build can be done, or you can select from a variety of floor plans and layouts. There are countless configurations that builders can put containers in. Multiple floors can be built using stacked containers, and different configurations can be achieved by connecting them in a variety of ways.

Similar to conventional homes, a container home’s interior finishes can be altered to give it a unique appearance. You can choose various finishes for your cabinets, lighting, flooring, and other furnishings to achieve the desired ambiance.

To give your shipping container home a distinctive and individual appearance, you can also customize the exterior. Paint, cladding, wood paneling, or constructing a deck or porch are a few exterior finishing options.

That is, anyone looking for a reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and adaptable living space should seriously consider a shipping container home.

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