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Flydubai Resumes Flights to Afghanistan

Dubai-based airline Flydubai has resumed flights to Afghanistan following an almost two-year hiatus, as announced by Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in Afghanistan’s interim government formed by the Taliban.

In a statement posted on Baradar’s social media page, he mentioned, “Thanks to the constant efforts of the Deputy Prime Minister’s office for economic affairs and the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, Flydubai has resumed flights to Afghanistan after an approximately two-year break.” He noted that the first international flight to Kabul took place on Wednesday since the suspension of flights.


Flydubai officially announced the resumption of flights to Afghanistan (Kabul) on October 12. According to information on the carrier’s website, flights will operate twice daily starting from November 15.

Baradar highlighted that the resumption of the low-cost Emirati carrier’s flights to Kabul “indicates that Afghanistan’s airspace has returned to a safe and normal condition, allowing for various types of flights.” He added, “This demonstrates that all of Afghanistan’s airports are now equipped to provide services and meet the necessary standards.”

Air travel to Afghanistan was disrupted at the end of August 2021 following the Taliban’s takeover. By mid-September, Kabul Airport gradually returned to operational status after the chaos surrounding the mass evacuation of personnel from the embassies, their citizens.

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