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Brightline Launches High-Speed Rail Service Linking Miami and Orlando

Brightline, the United States’ premier private high-speed rail operator for intercity passenger transport, is set to inaugurate its Miami to Orlando train service on Friday.

Brightline’s Vision: Expanding High-Speed Rail Across America

This 378-kilometer route, connecting two of Florida’s prominent tourist destinations, is poised to revolutionize travel with a journey time of just 3.5 hours. The high-speed express train, powered by biodiesel fuel, will achieve maximum speeds of 200 kilometers per hour.


Fortress Investment Group, the American investment company that owns Brightline, has invested a staggering $5 billion into this project and anticipates an annual ridership of 8 million passengers.

The chosen route for this service is ideal for high-speed rail, according to John Renne, Director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University. He pointed out that every year, 40 million residents and tourists travel between Miami and Orlando, with 90% of them relying on automobiles for transportation.

If the Brightline project proves successful, it could pave the way for the introduction of similar high-speed rail services between major cities located 300 to 500 kilometers apart, Renne added.

Until now, the only high-speed rail route in the United States has been the Acela railway line connecting Boston and Washington, D.C., operated by the state-owned entity Amtrak.

Roundtrip tickets on the Brightline express are priced at $158 for business class and $298 for first class. Families and group travelers can purchase four roundtrip tickets for $398.

While a comparable car trip would cost between $140 and $190, the amenities exclusive to train travel justify the additional expense, emphasized Brightline’s CEO, Mike Reininger. The new express service not only offers enhanced safety and environmental benefits over car travel but also grants passengers the freedom to make the most of their journey time.

The launch of Brightline’s Miami to Orlando high-speed rail service marks a significant milestone in redefining travel in Florida, providing a convenient and sustainable alternative for residents and tourists alike.

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