KlasJet Introduces Luxury Boeing 737-300 for UK Market


KlasJet and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, have introduced a newly refurbished Boeing 737-300 luxury aircraft for the UK market. The aircraft is stationed at one of London’s airports on a floating fleet basis and is ready for operation. 

The aircraft is characterized by KlasJet’s sleek interior and exterior design upgraded with premium materials and has been equipped with 68 seats – four seats more than a typical luxury 737-300. Lukas Petrauskas, CCO of KlasJet notes that this is one of the main features of the refurbished aircraft.

“The increased capacity allows for more passengers to travel on a single flight, which is particularly useful for large groups traveling to various events – from business meetings and expos to sports competitions and more. The comfort aspect has been upped with extra cushioned seats and comfort headrests, while the more ergonomic construction offers a spacious seat recline, relaxing footrest, and a convenient folding table. Passenger comfort is at a center for us, which is why we pay exceptional attention to cabin crew training as well. Taught by professionals at the top of their craft, the cabin crew is equipped to provide the best service possible.”

Petrauskas highlights that the location also brings the convenience of speed since the aircraft is stationed in London. This makes it possible to be en route to the desired destination in significantly less time, which is one of the keys deciding factors for clients choosing private jet charter companies.

Along with the new Boeing 737-300, KlasJet operates a private charter fleet of 4 more Classic aircraft and has recently added another exclusive private aircraft – Boeing 737 BBJ2, which is set to commence operations in late summer.

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