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AmaWaterways Announces Hosts for Wine River Cruises

AmaWaterways today announced the introduction of European Wine Hosts to a special series within the Celebration of Wine River Cruises. With more than 60 Celebration of Wine River Cruises through Europe scheduled for 2022, AmaWaterways has selected four special departures designated as European Wine Immersion Sailings where notable wine experts from Europe will lead guests through renowned wine regions while sharing in-depth knowledge of local wines, rich traditions and the history of European winemaking.

The all-new European Wine Immersion Sailings highlight enhanced epicurean experiences, such as onshore tasting events or visits to seasonal wine festivals in local towns and are hosted by European based wine experts. Equipped with extensive knowledge and a passion for regional wines, the European hosts hand-select wines that represent the culture, history and winemaking techniques of specific regions for guests to enjoy with special meals, tastings or seminars, all included in the price of the cruise.


On these scenic seven-night journeys, guests experience an extraordinary combination of culinary and vinicultural adventure and have the opportunity to taste varietals sourced from leading wineries located along the river cruise itinerary. While on board, guests will indulge in delectable, locally sourced and specially curated wine-paired dinners that highlight regionally inspired delicacies.

AmaWaterways initially launched its Celebration of Wine River Cruises in 2010 in collaboration with North American wine producers to share its appreciation for wine and provide guests, whether knowledgeable connoisseurs or entrant consumers, with the opportunity to taste, learn more about and compare New World and Old World varietals. With the new European Wine Immersion Sailings, guests will enjoy cruising the rivers along which the earliest vines were planted, while learning about regional methods of cultivation and historical figures behind European winemaking. Also planned during the cruise are visits to historic European wine cellars, vineyards or châteaux and interactive expert-led onboard tastings and discussions focused on regional wines.

Guests looking for an enhanced wine experience and immersion into European wine can join the following esteemed wine hosts on four European Wine Immersion sailings in 2022:

Helene Teboul, French wine expert from Marseille, France on the August 4, Colors of Provence sailing
Fintan Kerr, European wine expert based in Barcelona, Spain, on the October 27, Taste of Bordeaux sailing
Réka Piros, European wine expert from Hungary, on the October 29, Paris & Normandy sailing
Marcia Moricz, European wine expert based in Koblenz, Germany, on the November 8, Europe’s Rivers & Castles sailing

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