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EU Countries Urges Nationals to Leave Ukraine Immediately

A few days ago, Joe Biden appealed to the Americans to leave Ukraine immediately. However, according to the State Department, a significant number of US citizens decided to stay in Ukraine, despite government recommendations.

Some countries have also begun evacuating their embassy staff from the Ukrainian capital to Lviv, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, Canada and others.


In total, more than 40 countries have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine due to the tense situation and the risk of escalation. This is the majority of European countries, as well as Australia, Iraq, Jordan, Canada, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore.

South Korean authorities have banned their citizens from traveling to Ukraine. Koreans already in Ukraine must leave immediately.

Slovakia and the UAE remain relatively calm: countries have urged citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine.

Greece and Poland has stated that it does not plan to evacuate diplomats or their families, and called on citizens to be careful in our country. A similar recommendation was made by China.

It will be recalled that British Ambassador Melinda Simmons and the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Matti Maasikas remain in Ukraine and do not plan to evacuate.

The European Union does not intend to close its diplomatic missions in Kyiv.

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