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Skellefteå Airport Is World’s First Fossil-Free Airport

Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden, Europe’s and the World’s first fossil-free airports. In 2020, the airport had for the first time a zero-emission of fossil carbon dioxide, something that measurements carried out in accordance with the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT) show. Since last year, the airport began using biofuels to heat the building, and electricity to the terminal began to come exclusively from suppliers with a special certificate of compliance with environmental standards.

Today, the airport has fossil-free heating, fossil-free green electricity and fossil-free fuels for its vehicle fleet.

The strategic and operational work of becoming a fossil-free airport has in recent years been carried out purposefully through a transition to:

  • Fossil-free heating with biofuel
  • Fossil-free electricity consumption through certified green electricity
  • Fossil-free fuels for vehicles through electricity and the biofuel HVO-100

Skellefteå Airport is actively looking for new ways to accelerate the transition to sustainability across aviation. So, already this year at the airport they will conduct tests for eVTOL – an electric vertical takeoff aircraft.

Iuliia Tore