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World Tourism Forum Lucerne: Time to Rethink Tourism

World Tourism Forum Lucerne is calling for a reimagining of the tourism sector. In order to advance innovation in tourism, the organisation is bringing together thought leaders, visionaries, industry experts and investors for “Moving Forward” a series of events. The first of these, an Online Meet-Up at the end of April, will be a discussion about new approaches and will lay the foundation for the Innovation Festival, which is now going to take place in November. In attendance will be a select group of start-ups, who will demonstrate that even in times of crisis, the tourism industry is not lacking in innovation and agility.

The experience of well-established managers combined with the creative approaches of tourism-related start-ups will create a one-of-a-kind pool of ideas to advance and future-proof the tourism industry. World Tourism Forum Lucerne sees a great opportunity in the dynamic situation we currently find ourselves in, to actively shape the tourism of the future and give it fresh impetus.

The first “Moving Forward” Online Meet-Up will focus on rethinking tourism

On 29 April 2021, from 16:30 to 18:00 (CET) the World Tourism Forum Lucerne network will come together for the first Online Meet-Up. “Moving Forward” is the dominant theme, as leading personalities speak in front of an international audience. The central issue will be the challenges facing the tourism industry and which approaches can be used to address them. Existing business models will be critically analysed and new strategies discussed, with the aim of ensuring a successful future for tourism.

The best 15 start-ups lead the way to a successful future

The Start-Up Innovation Camp’s 15 finalists prove that the next generation is very capable of creating sophisticated, crisis-resistant business models. From 26 to 29 April their stellar efforts are being rewarded with workshops and personal coaching sessions at a digital Start-Up Innovation Camp, enabling them to grow their ventures further still.

Meet in-person at the Innovation Festival in Andermatt, Switzerland in mid November

The tourism of the future will be shaped in equal part by established stakeholders, senior managers, ministers and CEOs, and by young talents and start-ups. An in-person exchange is essential in order to join forces and find the best solutions. World Tourism Forum Lucerne is doing its utmost to enable such an exchange this year too, despite the pandemic and its effects. As such, “Moving Forward” culminates with a hybrid Innovation Festival which will now take place from 15 to 16 November 2021 in Andermatt, Switzerland.

The finalists of the Start-Up Innovation Camp will be invited to Switzerland to take part. During the Festival, lasting several days, networking events such as the “Think Tank”, the “Next Generation Leaders Day” and the “Young Talent Programme” will take place, alongside presentations from inspiring speakers. The collective exchange will generate a pool of knowledge which will positively influence the whole sector and from which everyone can benefit.

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