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COVID-19 Impaced Map for Business Operations Launched

As organisations strive to get back to business, International SOS has launched a new map, representing the impact of COVID-19 on health, security and logistics for domestic operations. This first of its kind map brings together intelligence and analysis of business-critical indicators impacted by COVID-19. It is publicly accessible at International SOS Risk Map. The COVID-19 Impact Map complements International SOS’ established suite of successful risk analysis maps, including Security, Medical and Road Safety.

Providing multinational organisations with insight, at country level2, the dynamic scales that inform the COVID-19 Impact Map are updated daily and take into account analysis of the:
• COVID case activity 14-day moving average
• underlying health and security threat environment
• domestic travel restrictions and international outbound travel restrictions
• mitigation measures in place and the efficacy of these.


Dr Neil Nerwich, Group Medical Director, Assistance Worldwide at International SOS commented, “While we all strive to return to full operations, access to up to date and accurate information is vital as the effects of COVID-19 continue to fluctuate. We know that this can potentially make the difference between returning to sustainable or to extremely limited operations. While we cannot fully pre-empt the course of the pandemic or its wide-ranging impacts, being agile enough to quickly implement strategies based on insights will help minimise business impact and, critically, protect the workforce.”

Mick Sharp, Group Director Security Services at International SOS added, “Along with COVID-19, organisations should also be mindful of layered risks. Natural disasters, political tensions, elections and civil unrest will continue, with some of these exacerbated as a result of the pandemic. A balanced approach is needed to assess overall risk and implement appropriate strategies to protect and strengthen business.”

International SOS is concurrently providing Inbound Travel Impact Scales and detailed travel restrictions guidance, exclusively accessible to clients and their employees. This represents inbound flight restrictions and entry requirements and is complementary to the COVID-19 Impact map.

International SOS clients and their employees can login to their Workforce Resilience services to see the variables leading to the scales and our expert recommendations for minimising business impact.

Workforce Resilience services with the COVID-19 impact scales and detailed guidance include (but are not limited to): manager view and employee tools. Subscribing organisations can also seek accompanying expert consultation with International SOS health and security advisors. Who can support the review and development of business-critical plans/procedures, and an organisation’s crisis management team(s), as well as company and profile specific risk assessments.

The scales in the map represent the following business operations impacts due to COVID-19: 

COVID-19 map


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