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Delta Married Pilots Take Flight Together


A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, Delta married pilots flew together for the first time in their careers.

Two Delta married pilots, bonded b their love of flight, dreamed that one day they would have the opportunity to fly together. Captain Kelly S. and First Officer Susan S., finally made that dream a reality, and flew together for the first time in their 31- and 18-year careers, respectively.

The flight, an A321 delivery flight from Airbus’ facility in Mobile, Ala., to Kansas City International Airport, marked a special moment for two, who met 31 years ago while Susan was serving as an airport customer service agent and Kelly was a fresh-out-of-training first officer. After living vicariously through Kelly’s piloting adventures, Susan decided to change career paths, balancing taking classes at her local community college and flight lessons to become a pilot. However, with a family at home to care for, the Minneapolis-St. Paul-based couple rarely had the chance to fly together.

“This flight was the highlight of our career,” said Kelly. “To have the opportunity to pick up a brand new jet from Airbus, observe the title transfer, and the process involved was amazing. We split the takeoff and landing. Susan did the takeoff with an authorized ‘farewell’ wing rock and I did the landing.”

After being married nearly 21 years, the couple still enjoys having the opportunity to serve Delta and its customers.

“We are so incredibly grateful for our Delta family, especially for our Lead Program pilot Pat H. for making this trip happen,” said Susan. “And while we are so appreciative to fly for Delta each and every day, the journey is always that much more special when you get to fly with family.”

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