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10th International BeoWine Fair Opens

Over the course of the last 10 years, the fair has built its reputation and an irreplaceable position both in Serbia and in the region as a place where well-known and new wine tastes are placed on the market. This year, the BeoWine Wine Fair has been envisaged as something completely new, with its extended concept and ambition, not only with an aim to remain the biggest wine event in the country, but also with an aim to follow the ascent of wine production in Serbia in every possible way in an organizational manner and by introducing top quality wines of its exhibitors and accompanying programs.


The most important domestic and regional wine producers, wine cellars, wine houses and companies that distribute “drink of gods”, as well as brandy manufacturers, are presented at BeoWine in halls 3 and 3A as the fair offers complete state-of-the-art equipment for winemaking and viticulture.

181 exhibitors from 10 countries

This year, exhibitors have shown great interest in participating at BeoWine Fair. Apart from domestic and permanent participants, as well as wineries from Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland, the visitors also have the opportunity to taste traditional top quality wines from the vineyards of the Republic of Srpska and Kosovo and Metohija. For the first time this year BeoWine Fair host representatives from Turkey, Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Exhibition of the best Serbian brandies

Apart from top quality wines, the exhibition program even more now than ever includes an extraordinary selection of brandy from these regions. This portion of the fair program from one year to another shows us just how much the quality and standardization in wine production has improved followed by the protection of brandy name and trade mark of the geographical origin, promotion and placing of this drink on domestic and foreign markets.

As regards the typical drink from this region and prominent Serbian brand, brandy makers present themselves both independently and at group exhibition stands, where many products have so far been awarded at fairs and beverage events both home and abroad.

Enhanced gastro segment at the Wine Fair

One of the characteristics of this year’s Wine Fair is the enhanced gastronomy and more opportunities to improve knowledge in terms of combining wine and food, since the French cheese producers, domestic ones and those from Herzegovina, as well as producers of Herceg and Montenegrin prosciutto, importers and distributors of Italian products, hand-made chocolates and other gastronomic delicacies, present themselves at the fair.

The event is a chance for producers to meet one another, form a network with distributors and enter new markets. With the organizer’s efforts to enhance the business visit, the attractive promotion of the offer contributes to high quality presentation of the participants and their business image.

ana paka

For the first time ever, the Gallery area of Hall 3 will be opened and adequately equipped at the Wine Fair for the purpose of its accompanying program, and hosted by Ms. Anna Pakka, a Swedish sommelier and an expert on Balkan Wines, and by Mr. Nickolas Forslund. The lecture will be held by Mr. Jovan Radomir, a journalist and travel writer.


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