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Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Expands Fleet with Major Boeing Order

Ethiopian Airlines has entered into a significant agreement with Boeing Co. at the Dubai Airshow, securing 11 787 Dreamliner aircraft and 20 737 MAX jets. The deal allows for potential additional orders of 15 Dreamliners and 21 737 MAX planes in the future.

This marks the largest Boeing order ever placed by an African airline. The CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mesfin Tassew Bekele, emphasized that the agreement aligns with the airline’s business development plan, aiming to modernize and grow its aircraft fleet.


The announcement comes after Boeing addressed and resolved concerns related to the 2019 crash involving an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. Boeing’s stocks rose by 0.5% in early Tuesday trading, contributing to a 7.4% increase in their value since the beginning of this year.

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