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Brussels Airport Expands its Network

Brussels Airport Expands its Network

Brussels Airport is expanding its network this winter season with 8 new destinations. The airport now connects directly Belgium with 164 passenger destinations. The airport is also strengthening the connectivity to existing destinations. The aviation winter

Ryanair Launches 6 New Routes from Brussels

Ryanair today (9 Oct) announced its Brussels S 2019 schedule, with 6 new routes to Amman, Barcelona, Banja Luka, Marrakesh, Palermo & Pisa, and more frequencies to Alicante, Malaga, Naples, Lisbon & Porto (100 routes

Wizz Air Announces New Routes from Poland

Wizz Air today announced network adjustment and market optimization plans of its Polish operations to reflect changing customer demand. On 30 March 2019 the airline will close its base in Poznan and add one Airbus