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Russia Lifts Entry Visas for Ukrainian Citizens

Russia is simplifying the entry process for citizens of Ukraine into Russia.

The decree, which was signed on Friday, brings forth several key provisions:

  1. Visa-Free Entry: Ukrainian citizens are now allowed to enter Russia without the need for a visa. This applies to those traveling with a foreign Ukrainian passport, a diplomatic or service passport, or holding an identity card as a sailor or an aircraft crew member, as reported by VisaGuide.World.
  2. Acceptance of Expired Documents: The decree also allows Ukrainians to enter Russia with expired identification documents, offering greater flexibility to travelers.
  3. Requirements for Minors: For children, a birth certificate or the passport of a legal representative containing information about the child will be necessary.
  4. Travel of Ukrainian Children: Ukrainian children can exit Russia either in the company of a legal representative or with an adult who possesses notarized consent.

It’s important to note that Russia and Ukraine had a long-standing visa-free travel agreement in place since 1997, permitting citizens of both nations to freely visit each other’s territories. However, this agreement was terminated by Ukraine on January 1, 2023.

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