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New Service to Connect Moscow and Odintsovo

The accelerated Moscow-Odintsovo service operated by the Central Exurban Passenger Company was launched on 21 December 2018.

The new suburban service has a journey time of just 21 minutes, cutting 10-15 minutes off the time taken by conventional electric trains.

At Odintsovo station, a new island platform has been built with tracks on each side to provide stops for the electric trains and a canopy erected along the entire platform to shelter passengers from precipitation. On the platform itself, benches have been installed and information boards display the arrival and departure times of the electric trains.

In addition, a ramp, tactile tiles and lower information boards have been installed on and around the platform for passengers with limited mobility. The territory adjacent to the station has also been landscaped and noise fencing installed along the new platform.

The 500 series ED4M trains depart regularly every hour and shuttle between Odintsov and Moscow with no stops en route. 36 express trains run every day, 18 in each direction. The first train departs from Odintsov at 05:50 and from Moscow at 06:30.

A single ticket costs 132 roubles, but a single journey is just 106 roubles if passengers purchase a ticket for 60 trips.

The ED4M 500-series electric trains are equipped with microclimate systems to maintain a comfortable temperature and in addition offer all the necessary conditions for passengers with limited mobility.

Moscow and Odintsovo are now connected by about 240 suburban trains running every day.

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