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Bavykin Merchant House

New Hotel to Open in Bavykin Merchant House in Moscow

The city of Moscow has recently entered into a lease agreement with an investor to transform a historical cultural heritage site on Electrozavodskaya Street into a hotel following the restoration of the building. The cultural heritage site in question is the two-story brick building known as the Bavykin Merchant House, which was constructed in 1895.

The decision to repurpose this historically significant structure into a hotel is seen as a significant step towards preserving the city’s rich cultural heritage while also addressing the growing demand for accommodation in the area. The Bavykin Merchant House, with a total area of 423 square meters, has long been admired for its architectural beauty and historical value. The restoration efforts are expected to retain and highlight its unique features.

One of the key advantages of this future hotel is its excellent accessibility to transportation hubs. Situated in close proximity to the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad and Rusakovskaya metro stations, as well as the Preobrazhenskaya Embankment, it offers convenience to both tourists and business travelers. Additionally, the Eastern Railway Station (Vostochny Vokzal) and the North-Eastern Chord (Severo-Vostochnaya Khorda) are located nearby, making it an ideal location for visitors arriving in Moscow by train.

The decision to repurpose the Bavykin Merchant House into a hotel aligns with Moscow’s broader initiatives to both preserve its cultural heritage and stimulate economic growth through increased tourism. This project is expected to contribute positively to the local economy, create job opportunities, and attract visitors interested in experiencing the historical charm of the city.

The opening date for the hotel is yet to be announced, but it is anticipated that the restoration process will be carried out meticulously to ensure the preservation of the building’s historical character while providing modern amenities and services for guests.

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