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The Most Powerful Passport in 2021

As vaccination program rollouts gather momentum in certain countries, the resumption of regular international travel is no longer an abstract hope. The latest results from the Henley Passport Index — the original...

Wuhan Is Ready to Welcome Tourists

On the afternoon of April 12, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a special global promotion event for central China’s Hubei Province and Wuhan. A total of 275 ambassadors, diplomats and representatives...

New Hotels

New Mykonos Hotels 2019

Mykonos is the party animal of the Cycladic islands, Greece’s answer to Ibiza, Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island. Following our popular articles about new hotel openings in Santorini, Lisbon...

New Hotels in Lisbon 2018

Portugal is considered Europe’s oldest and most geographically diverse country. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal, it’s attracting more and more visitors every year, giving investors new...

The Best Hotels in Berlin

Following our popular articles about new hotel openings in Paris 2018, Rustourismnews now presents the collection of the best hotels in Berlin. Berlin is booming- the German capital has enjoyed record growth in the...

Hotel News

Accor Presents Fully Digital Hotel

The 1st hotel in Northern Europe offering a 100% digital experience will open its doors. A big step forward for Accor, whose ambition is to offer a contactless guest journey throughout its network, with the use of the...


ESC Congress

ESC Congress to Return to London in 2024

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) has announced today that ESC Congress, the world’s biggest gathering of heart specialists, will return to London in 2024.   The event will be held at London’s...


Your Guide to Urla Wineries

Just over half of all Turkish wine comes from the Aegean region of Turkey. Most of the wines produced at wineries in the Urla area are made from international grape varietals, but many vintners here are bringing back...



Emirates Offers Ramadan Service

As part of its annual Ramadan service, Emirates offers a specially curated meal served in ready-to-eat boxes to customers fasting during the holy month. This year, the airline’s in-house designers and product design...

ROKA Restaurant Arrives in Kuwait

Following its tremendous success in London, and more recently Dubai, ROKA–the world-famous contemporary Japanese restaurant–will be arriving in Kuwait at the country’s first Waldorf Astoria. Expected to open in fall...




air charter service

Air Charter Service

As part of its commitment to grow its business in France, leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service (ACS), has appointed a new management team in an effort to deliver its long-term strategy for growth...