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Highway to Hel: Believers in Poland Succeed in Cancelling ‘Satanic’ Bus 666

Over the past 10 years, various religious groups have bombarded the local transport operator PKS Gdynia running route 666 to the seaside town of Hel with complaints. Under public pressure, the transport operator has announced a route change to 669, replacing the “number of the beast” association, starting June 24th.

Adding spice to the situation, tourists traveling this route had nicknamed it the “Highway to Hel.” Over the past decade, the transport operator administration has been inundated with complaints from various Christian groups and individual citizens. Ultimately, the company relented.

The seaside resort of Hel is popular among tourists for its remote beaches and forest trails. This 35-kilometer-long peninsula in northern Poland is considered one of the most beautiful and least crowded spots along the Baltic coast.

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