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European Сities to Make Christmas and New Year Celebrations Greener

European cities are striving to make Christmas and New Year celebrations greener. For example, since 2020, in Amsterdam, you can only decorate your houses with energy-saving light bulbs (this is how the city fights light pollution), and unsold Christmas trees have become toys for the animals of the Prague Zoo.

In the 2nd district of Budapest, an eco-friendly Christmas tree has been installed, which can be lit by pedaling a bicycle. Thus, the city hall decided to show how much energy is required to create New Year’s installations.

In Budapest, this Christmas they will not put up a live Christmas tree – it will be an illumination in the form of a Christmas tree.

One of the squares of the Romanian city of Arad was decorated with a Christmas eco-tree. It is handcrafted from twigs, bristles and satin, and its decorations are made from recycled plastic.

The Christmas tree was made to order in a local workshop. The branches of the future tree were pasted over with satin and decorated with bristles. Then they were fastened together.

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