Three Great Slot Games to Try as a New Player

Slot Games

As a new casino player, finding which games you want to play can be a really daunting task. The service both online and offline is fantastic, and there are hundreds of games to choose from when it comes to slots.

Finding the right game could make or break your casino experience. Find something too complicated and difficult and you will struggle, find a game that is simple and offers regular wins and you are going to have a great start.

So, what games are the ones that new players should be looking at?

We have picked out three great slot games, off of which are available to play online, or inside casinos in the USA now that they have reopened.

If you are looking for your first casino slot game, here are three to look out for.

#3 Book of Ra

An all-time casino classic for many players, and we now have more than just the original game on offer.

Alongside Book of Ra, you can also try out Book of Ra deluxe, a new version of the game for players.

Both are very simple to use and tell you a story as you move through the game, which is great experience for this type of gaming. Many of these are complicated with a big story behind them that can sometimes confuse new players, but not this one, this is a very simple game.

Alongside this story, you are likely to see regular wins too as well as a number of different triggers and special features that can enhance your game. All of this may be a little complex for some players, but this game sets them out in a really simple way, ideal for newcomers.

Slot Games


#2 Aloha! Cluster Pays

This is a different type of game, but the simplest of these. Rather than the standard line pay out, you are paid out on clusters here, so you need to try and group together the same symbols.

When you are a new slots player you want to take things carefully but you should also be looking to explore different types of game, and this is the perfect way to look at slots with cluster pay.

Something else to look at is how you play, you can experiment by playing inside casinos, online via a desktop and even using a mobile app to play casino games.

As a new player, you will spend time enjoying yourself playing slots, but you should also look to be learning things, and games like this will help you learn something new.

#1 Starburst

One of the most popular games on the planet is starburst. If you’ve not heard of it, then you will soon because pretty much every online casino and land based casino will offer this game as part of their service.

This is the ideal starting place for new players, and the perfect game to try out free spins when you sign up with a casino. Paddy Power Vegas offers free spins for new customers which can be used on this game, offering a simple start point.

The game has a simple outlook with five reels and a total of 10 active pay lines at any one time. You will win by putting together lines of the same symbol, while you can also trigger re-spins if you are lucky.

There are no complex features here, nothing new to learn, this is just simple and basic gaming at its best.

If you want to know why this game is the perfect place to start then you only need to see just how many players keep coming back to play it, even when they are not new players. This shows the quality of this game, making it the best starting point for new players.

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