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Hotel in Scotland Launches a Cashmere Butler Service


The Balmoral hotel launches a cashmere butler service for its Scone & Crombie suite in partnership with Hawico Scotland.

Upgraded as part of a multimillion-pound hotel refurbishment, the Scone & Crombie is already one of the largest and most coveted suites in Scotland. Now guests can have the finest cashmere delivered to their room or choose to enjoy a private shopping experience with their very own cashmere butler from Hawico Scotland.

One of Scotland’s leading cashmere experts with over two decades experience, Derek Umpherston is the store manager at Hawico’s flagship Edinburgh store and also the hotel’s new dedicated cashmere butler. Working with The Balmoral, he has curated a collection of cashmere gifts – produced in Hawico’s mills in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick – that can be couriered to the suite. The ultimate armchair shopping experience, now beautifully packaged accessories including cashmere wraps, hats and gloves in a range of hues can be delivered directly to the suite.

In addition, Derek has created a bespoke cashmere ‘paint box’ exclusively for the suite showcasing 25 shades from the current season. Allowing guests to see and feel the cashmere that is used to make the collection of super soft garments in their range, they have the option of booking a personal shopping appointment with the cashmere butler.

“Due to its unrivalled softness, warmth and comfort cashmere is one of the most coveted fibres in the world and what could be more luxurious than having one of the finest cashmere stores in Scotland deliver to your door or host the ultimate private shopping experience?,” says Richard

Cooke, General Manager of The Balmoral. “The Scone & Crombie is one of Scotland’s most beautiful suites, and thanks to partners such as Hawico, we can also give guests unparalleled levels of service.”

“I’ve personally selected the shades in the paintbox to give guests an idea of the beautiful hues available,” explains Derek. “If they’re time poor, but still want to take a piece of Hawico home, I’m only too happy to wrap up a selection of cashmere accessories in our most popular colours and courier them to their front door – at home or at the hotel.

“If they have more time, I can welcome them to our store and personally take them through our current ranges for both ladies and men, hand picking exactly the right garments and shades for them. With decades of experience in our products and styling, I am able to give them a one to one shopping experience and cashmere education at a time that suits them. They can be sure that they will be taking home a piece of Scottish craftsmanship as all our knitwear is produced at our factory in the town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders.”

With a rich manufacturing heritage, the Scottish Borders has a global reputation for producing quality textiles including tartan, tweed as well as cashmere. A luxury fibre that comes from the cashmere goat, the process of turning this coveted fabric into the luxury garments loved by the world’s top fashion houses today is then entrusted to Scotland’s skilled artisans who have learned their craft over generations. Guests looking to learn more about this process can book a place on The Balmorals Tartan and Cashmere Trail that takes them on a guided private tour of the country’s finest mills to meet the local craftspeople behind the label.

The renovation and new partnership is integral to Rocco Forte Hotels’ ongoing dedication to its suite offering. Rocco Forte Hotels has unveiled The Rocco Forte Suite Experience, a new concept across each of the 11 hotels, giving guests an indulgent stay from the moment of arrival to d

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