Ryanair Gives Free 10kg Check Bag To All Who Booked On/Before 31 August

Ryanair today confirmed it will give a free 10kg check bag to all 2m non-priority customers who booked before 31 Aug, to travel after 1 November, the date when Ryanair introduces its new cheaper 10kg check bag service, and eliminates all free gate bags and related flight delays. All these 2m non-priority customers have been advised by email today that a free 10kg checked bag has been added to their booking.

In addition, there are approx. 50,000 passengers who booked on/before 31 Aug but bought priority boarding (as a separate service) after 1st Sept since this new policy was introduced on 31 Aug. All these passengers have had the €8 cost of their priority boarding refunded but Ryanair will still allow them to travel with priority boarding free of charge.

These pre-Christmas gifts from Ryanair means that all non-priority passengers who made a booking prior to 31 Aug will not be penalised in anyway by the introduction of Ryanair’s lower cost €8 check bag service from 1 Nov as they will be now able to the check-in their free 10kg bag, at the airport, on the day of travel.

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