Switzerland is in Top of Environmental Performance Index

A report, titled ‘Environmental Performance Index 2018’, ranking 180 nations has been produced by the Center for Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University, and Columbia University in collaboration with World Economic Forum and Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

lori switzerlandSwitzerland leads the world based on strong performance across most issues, especially air quality and climate protection. Switzerland, France and Denmark are the top three in the index while Burundi is bottom with Bangladesh not far behind.

These metrics provide a gauge at a national scale of how close countries are to established environmental policy goals. The EPI scorecard highlights leaders and laggards in environmental performance, gives insight on best practices, and provides guidance for countries that aspire to be leaders in sustainability.

In general, high scorers exhibit long-standing commitments to protecting public health, preserving natural resources, and decoupling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from economic activity. Low scores on the EPI are indicative of the need for national sustainability efforts on a number of fronts, especially cleaning up air quality, protecting biodiversity, and reducing GHG emissions.

Top 10:

1. Switzerland
2. France
3. Denmark
4. Malta
5. Sweden
6. UK
7. Luxemburg
8. Austria
9. Ireland
10. Finland

Bottom 10:
180. Burundi
179. Bangladesh
178. Congo
177. India
176. Nepal
175. Madagascar
174. Haiti
173. Lesotho
172. Niger
171. Central African Republic

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