SWISS Offers TSA PreCheck in US

SWISS is now certificated for the TSA PreCheck programme of the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The certification makes departing from a US airport quicker and easier with immediate effect for all SWISS guests who are registered for the programme: TSA PreCheck offers separate security lines and streamlined security checks for its registered travellers, saving them valuable pre-departure time.

Leaving a US airport is now quicker and easier for travellers on SWISS. The airline has been certificated for the TSA PreCheck programme of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA PreCheck programme offers a number of benefits to departing air travellers, such as separate security lines and no requirement to take off shoes or remove laptops from carry-on bags at the security checkpoint. TSA PreCheck can also be used by members of the Global Entry programme, which facilitates entry to the USA to save travellers’ time.

Any SWISS customer wishing to take advantage of TSA PreCheck must register for the programme in advance. Further information will be found at:


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