The new taxi law came into effect in Finland

The new law eased the regulations in the taxi industry. One of the most visible changes is the deregulation of pricing. As a result of the deregulation, fare meters are no longer mandatory, and the price of a journey can change depending on the day or even the time of day.

A second clear change concerns the types of vehicles that can be used as taxis. Now that the law has come into effect, a taxi can be a light quadricycle, lorry or three-wheeled vehicle.

The third major change is the fact that municipality restrictions are no longer in effect. For example, in principle, before the new law entered into force, only taxis from Vantaa could pick up passengers from the airport. Now that competition has been deregulated, any taxi drivers can drive to the airport to wait for customers whenever they wish.

These were the three main reasons Finavia decided to arrange a competitive tendering for taxi operations at the airport. Among other things, this allowed us to ensure that:

  1. passengers can choose taxis that announce their prices publicly on the light boards at the taxi stand and that comply with the maximum rate specified in the competitive tendering.
  2. taxis are always available at the taxi station, including at night and during peak hours.
  3. the vehicles have low emissions and the drivers speak several languages.
  4. taxis drive to the airport in a controlled manner that does not result in traffic chaos.

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