Finnish berries and peas available at Helsinki Airport

Vilberry customer1 Photo Stana Porvali

At Helsinki Airport air passengers are treated with freshly-picked berries and peas in a ready-to-eat box. 

Vilberry customer1 Photo Stana Porvali“Today we have nearby the gate 20A strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peas and cherries. Most of them come from nearby – some even within 20 minutes radius from the airport”, tells Ville Unkuri, Managing Director of Vilberry.

The long sunny days and the cleanest water in the world gives Finnish berries and peas an extra sweet flavor.

“Many foreigners are asking us if berries need to be rinsed or peas boiled before they can be eaten. We guide them to eat them as they are. Then you get the best taste sensation Finland can offer, in my opinion”, says Unkuri.

Fresh berries and peas are available at gate 20A ‘till the end of August and from the beginning of September at the gate 32. The price range for fresh berries is 4-5 euro per box. Berries and peas purchased at the gate area can be taken with to the plane too.

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