Uzbekistan airways launches the new terminal


By the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan a new passenger terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers per hour has been put into operation at the international airport “Nukus”. This is another project implemented by the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways” with the support of the leadership of our country in order to enhance the country’s touristic potential, provide better service to air passengers and modernize the ground infrastructure of the republic’s airports.

nukusThe new terminal is equipped with the most modern equipment, which will allow passengers and their luggage to be serviced in accordance with international standards. The building has modern engineering and technological equipment to ensure a high level of aviation security.

The climatic conditions of the area were taken into account when developing the design of the new terminal. A balance between technology, safety and comfort is achieve, in it. Due to increased capacity and speed of service, the terminal will contribute to the improvement of service and comfort for passengers, and, of course, the opening of new destinations, will attract tourists and foreign air carriers.

The international airport “Nukus” is able to take almost all types of aircraft and helicopters. The length of the runway is 3 thousand meters, width – 45 meters. At the aerodrome, has been installed modern light-signal and air navigation equipment meeting to international standards.


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