A third connection between Helsinki Airport’s train station and terminal 2 to open by 2021

Summer 2018 will mark the three-year anniversary of the opening of Helsinki Airport’s train station to passenger traffic. The station enabled passengers to reach the airport via the Ring Rail Line, the Helsinki metropolitan area’s commuter train railway. 

HA hetki junaThere are currently two routes from the train station to the ground level: one that takes you to the airport parking area and another one that takes you to the passageway between terminals 1 and 2. A third connection is set to open by 2021, when the extension of terminal 2 will be completed. 

Link to the new multimodal travel centre 

As part of Helsinki Airport’s development programme, the new multimodal travel centre will be built in front of the airport’s new main entrance, next to the forthcoming terminal. The travel centre will connect air traffic with various modes of public transportation. A faster connection from the railway to the ground level will connect passengers with not only air traffic but also with the travel centre and its services. 

Visions of a “Flight Rail” 

Finavia is also envisioning an additional railway connection to the airport in the future – the so-called flight rail. With the Flight Rail, it would be possible to reach the airport directly from all over Finland and from, for example, St. Petersburg, without transferring to a commuter train. 

Tunnel to Tallinn could also run underneath the terminal  

In this scenario, the flight rail station would be located underneath the terminal and on the same level as the Ring Rail Line. With the opening of the third passage to the train station, Finavia is planning on building a reserve for the flight rail connection. 

According to Hansson, the hypothetical tunnel to Tallinn, which has been under discussion lately, could also be located under the terminal, if it is realised in the future. 

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