Costa Cruises Introduces New Project On Healthy And Correct Diet For Children

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises confirms its commitment to revisiting the theme of food in a sustainable way, presenting a new project dedicated to the youngest guests of its ships, created in collaboration with Barilla, the University of Parma and Madegus – Masters of Taste.

The purpose is raising awareness among children on the value of food and proper nutrition, proposing a new onboard menu related to a funny and educational game. 

The gastronomic offer for children has been entirely modified, according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet and food variety. Pasta, fruits and vegetables will be the leading items of new dishes. This will enable parents on vacation aboard Costa ships to include, in their children’s diet, foods that stimulate the growth of body and mind, so that they never miss healthy habits, even on vacation.

Children will have seven menu options available to choose from, each identified by a special name: Red Planet, Yellow Planet, White Planet, Purple Planet, Green Planet, Hidden Treasure, and Rainbow. Tomato, fresh cheese and frankfurter pizza; Barilla mini-penne with cream, peas and ham; crescenza cheese with battered slices of carrot; legumotti in tomato sauce with tuna, olives and mozzarella cheese; 5-grain fusilli pasta with vegetable carbonara are just a few of the delights offered.

Whenever the small guests choose one of seven menu options dedicated to them in the Main Restaurant or during lunch with the leaders of the Squok Club, they will receive a package containing 10 playing cards, illustrated by the famous Italian cartoonist Fogliazza, with colorful and original characters representing the 5 colors of fruits and vegetables. Children can collect and exchange all the cards (from a total of 85) with each other and continue the game once they get back home.

This makes fruits and vegetables part of children’s lives through play and fun, increasing their awareness about the importance of a healthy diet, even on vacation.

Therefore, Costa becomes the spokesperson for a responsible conduct, healthy principles and lifestyles through an approach directly involving the guests onboard and the staff. The desire is that the ships of the fleet will be experienced as a real home, where sharing exciting experiences and, mostly, thinking about the future, especially for the younger generations.

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