Costa Cruises Presents the 2017 Edition of its Sustainability Report

Costa Cruises publishes the latest edition of its Sustainability Report “Sea You Tomorrow – On Route to the Future”, available for download at

576 large a7aeed74714116f3b292a982238f83d2The document presents the Italian company’s sustainability strategy and programme, describing the main projects and the results achieved in 2017. This edition fully implements and integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN Agenda 2030 to promote responsible development at global level.

The three sections of Costa Crociere’s Sustainability Report – SEA, YOU and TOMORROW – deal respectively with environmental protection, shared value creation, and responsible innovation, the cornerstones of Costa Cruises’ sustainability initiatives.

SEA – Reducing emissions, optimising consumption, managing waste with a view to recovery, reuse and recycling, combating climate change and safeguarding marine ecosystems are objectives that are widely integrated into operational activities. The active involvement and collaboration of all stakeholders, from the ship’s guests to its logistical partners and local authorities in the areas reached and visited, become fundamental in the process of minimizing impacts.

YOU – Central to Costa’s strategy for sustainable development is the promotion of a business and tourism model that ensures economic development and growth opportunities in places reached by its ships, enhancing their identity, culture and natural heritage. Thus, Costa’s commitment is focused on promoting an idea of sustainable tourism based on participatory dialogue with territories and local communities and on raising cruise passengers’ awareness of an increasingly authentic tourist experience.

A concrete example is the partnership signed in 2017 by Costa Cruises with the Associazione de I Borghi più belli d’Italia (Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy). This collaboration is based on the principle of sustainability and on promoting Italy’s unrevealed cultural and territorial heritage.

TOMORROW – In terms of responsible innovation, Costa once again confirms its role as a pioneer in the cruise sector with the two new ships fuelled by LNG (liquefied natural gas: the cleanest fossil fuel currently available), which will enter into service in 2019 and 2021.

An ambitious and important milestone in promoting a responsible and sustainable approach is the 4GOODFOOD programme, which aims to reduce food waste on board by 50 percent by 2020. Costa has in fact launched a unique programme in the maritime sector focused on the value of food and responsible consumption in the complex context of the cruise ship, which puts the citizen and guest at the centre. An integrated, all-encompassing project, which ranges from reviewing the gastronomic offer on board to managing surplus food, by raising awareness among guests and crew and ensuring their direct involvement in the great global challenge of reversing the trend. Currently, the experience has been activated in conjunction with the ports of call of Costa Diadema, in the port of Savona and the port of Civitavecchia, and, from May 2018, also in the port of Marseilles with Costa Fascinosa, and the port of Bari with Costa Deliziosa. In the first 10 months, from 15 July 2017 to 15 May 2018, approximately 28,700 portions were allocated to local charities thanks to the local Food Bank network. The aim is to extend the project to other ports in Italy and the Mediterranean.

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