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World Cup is set to boost Russia’s travel industry

Vitalij Vladykin, Research Manager at Euromonitor International: “I feel that the world cup has much more influence on travel industry rather than retailing, especially in the long-term run. Total retailing turnover depends more on macroeconomic stability, which is forecasted to be positive in Russia during the next five years with Real GDP growth reaching 2% annually. Incoming tourists with planned over 1 million visits will naturally boost demand on FMCG products and foodservice, but in will be short-term during the month of the World Cup and have limited influence on annual Retailing performance.

The event can be also beneficial for certain grocery and non-grocery product categories such as drinks, snacks or sportswear. Besides, it was announced about launch of tax-free system in Russia, it is available now in test regime in several mainly luxury outlets. Retailers will use football theme for their promotional campaigns. While tourism sector has a huge improvement and development due to World Cup.”

Due to a high international and domestic relevance of this topic, Global market research company Euromonitor International is hosting a webinar “The Influence of the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Global Domestic Football Leagues”, taking place on 7 June, 17:00 EEST. Euromonitor International experts will be covering such topics and data as:

  • Assessing the leading current and evolving cross-industry commercial partnerships in the World Cup
  • Learning which social media platforms and strategies will lead to success
  • Identifying what different fan segments would want from their World Cup experience

Iuliia Tore