Joon launches Paperplane

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Joon is launching Paperplane, the travel pool to offer one or two air tickets to the destination of your choice. With Joon, pooled gifts are a friendly and easy way to offer a holiday!

norman parkinson the art of travel photographs silver print 1With Paperplane, Joon guarantees an exceptional and original gift that your friend will remember forever. Offering a trip is more than just a gift, it’s the gift of dreams and memories.

How does it work?

With Paperplane, you can offer an exceptional, surprising and personalized gift in just three clicks:

  • You and your friends pool money together via a link that you send them after creating the kitty. Everyone decides on the amount they want to give and can leave a personalized message for the recipient.
  • When the time comes, you won’t arrive empty handed, you give your friend a paper plane with your printed personal messages, without having to spend time chasing signatures all night long.
  • Your friends have a year to choose their travel dates and the destination of their dreams operated by Joon on departure from metropolitan France. Eat pizzas in Naples, go diving in the Seychelles, or discover the country of “Futebol” in Brazil, there’s a world of opportunities and they are sure to find their dream destination.

Did you end up with more money than you expected?

If your friend doesn’t use all the money in the pool they receive a voucher and can choose from among Joon’s many options, such as choosing a specific seat, adding checked baggage, enjoying a meal on board, or making another trip with Joon. And if the trip of a lifetime costs a little more than the amount in the kitty, they can pay the rest themselves.

Joon is a different way to enjoy the new French-style travel experience. Paperplane is a natural addition to the company’s innovations, which places digital services at the heart of its priorities.

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