Aeroflot to tighten up enforcement of hand-luggage regulations

 From 15 February 2018 Aeroflot will be tightening controls on hand luggage at Sheremetyevo airport and all other airports across its network.

The controls will be in effect for the entire duration of passengers’ pre-flight procedures.

Passengers must present all baggage for registration, including hand luggage and additional items carried at no extra charge in excess of the free baggage and hand-luggage allowance. A list of all these items, as well as the rules for carrying baggage and hand luggage, is available on Aeroflot’s website.

Before boarding the plane, employees or agents of the company will measure all passengers’ hand luggage to check that it complies with the airline’s standards in terms of size and weight, as well as by the number of seats available.

If a passenger’s hand luggage does not conform to the standards, the passenger must hand it over to be checked in with the hold luggage. If as a result the free baggage allowance included in the passenger’s ticket is exceeded, that passenger must pay for the excess baggage.

In case of a violation of baggage rules, and should the passenger refuse to pay for excess baggage as required by the terms stipulated in the passenger’s contract of carriage, Aeroflot reserves the right to refuse transport to the passenger, in accordance with Art. 107 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

Aeroflot emphasises that there will be no changes to the existing rules on hand-luggage allowance, only enhanced enforcement of these rules.

A special system for tracking hand luggage will be introduced as a result of frequent complaints from passengers that there is not enough space to accommodate their hand luggage inside the cabin. The size of the overhead compartments is determined by the aircraft manufacturers. Placing hand luggage that does not conform to the regulations in the overhead compartments prevents other passengers from being able to safely store their belongings in the aircraft cabin. This ultimately has a negative impact on passenger comfort and safety in the cabin during flights.

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