Human Technopole: New Italian Research Center Based in the EXPO Area

Human Technopole will be the New Italian Research Center based in the EXPO Area in Milan that will be transformed into a big innovation hub. A themed area for science, knowledge and technology, featuring a one-mile long linear park and the world’s first neighborhood planned for self-driving cars.

Focused on personalized medicine, big data, and nutrition, the Human Technopole’s mission is to develop personalized approaches, both medical and nutritional, to fight cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. It will accomplish its mission integrating genomics, analysis of increasingly large datasets, and new generation diagnostic techniques. Through its multidisciplinary approach, Human Technopole will also process a massive amount of available socio-economic data thanks to high-performance computing and storage facilities with the aim of developing innovative analytical solutions for public decision makers.

Ubicated in the north side, Human Technopole will be there with new Galeazzi Hospital and the University of Milan. The first group of its researchers will move on Expo Area already in January 2018.


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