Ryanair new hand luggage restrictions start next week

Ryanair reminded customers of its new baggage policy, as part of its “Always Getting Better” programme. Ryanair has introduced new reduced checked bag fees (and increased check-in bag sizes) to encourage more customers to check in bags and reduce the number of customers with 2 bags at the boarding gates. As too many customers were availing of Ryanair’s improved 2 free carry-on bags service, and with high load factors (95% in Dec) there is not enough overhead cabin space for this volume of carry-on bags, which is causing boarding/flight delays.

To encourage more customers to check-in some bags and reduce the volume of carry-on bags, Ryanair has introduced bag policy changes on all flights as follows:

– The check-in bag allowance has increased from 15kg to 20kg for all bags
– The standard check-in bag fee has been cut from €/£35 to €/£25 for this 20kg bag
– Only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft* from 15th January 2018
– All other (i.e. non-priority) customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag must be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate from 15th January 2018.

* Priority Boarding can be purchased for just €/£5 at the time of booking or added to a booking for €/£6 up to two hours (on Ryanair.com) and 30 minutes (on Ryanair app) prior to scheduled departure time.

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