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Aeroflot named among world’s top airlines for vegetarians

Aeroflot has been named one of the world’s best airlines for vegetarian passengers, in a ranking compiled by international food awareness movement Proveg.

Proveg’s debut survey of vegetarian in-flight catering options covered more than 50 of the world’s largest airlines.

The menus assessed were all from economy class, and were scored on number of vegetarian dishes (both on the regular menu and available through special order), availability of information about vegetarian options on the airline website, and ease of ordering a vegetarian menu.

In-flight catering is a key element of Aeroflot’s customer service. Russia’s flag carrier takes into account the wide variety of its passengers’ tastes, religious convictions and dietary requirements in compiling its on-board menus.

Aeroflot is continuing to upgrade its on-board catering, and uses crowd-sourcing surveys to track its passengers’ latest preferences. Among its latest innovations is the introduction of a vegetarian main course on the regular à la carte menu in Business Class.

Passengers on Aeroflot flights can choose from 17 special menus, with a number of vegetarian options including vegan (no animal products, including milk or eggs), Asian vegetarian (no meat or fish and limited use of dairy products) and fruitarian.

Special menus are offered across all service classes, and can be pre-ordered at no extra charge. In Economy Class this option is available on flights longer than three hours, and in business class on all flights regardless of length. Special menus should be ordered at least 36 hours before departure, and are available on all flights from Aeroflot’s hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow (restrictions may apply on flights from other airports).

Iuliia Tore