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The Top 3 First-Class Airlines in the World

“First-class” is a term often used for high-quality items, products, and services in everyday language. At its origin, though, the term refers to high-quality travel, as opposed to second and third class experiences that are much more affordable, will take you to your destination, but are usually crowded and unenjoyable as a whole. Depending on what you are used to, “first-class” can mean very different things. But when it comes to air travel, there are a handful of companies that have redefined the term, offering the best first class experience in the sky that money can buy.

This year, according to Skytrax Airline Awards, these are the best first-class experiences offered by airlines today.

3. Lufthansa

The first class terminals where you can wait before boarding offers a relaxing and exquisite experience to travelers, and often a car ride to the airplane is included in the list, too. Things are the same after boarding – the first-class seats on the plane are cleanly designed, impressive, and most importantly, comfortable. The airline offers its first-class passengers amenities like pajamas, slippers, and amenity kits containing exactly what you may expect – socks, cosmetics, headphone covers, shoehorn, and other similar items.

Reviews speak of the ultra-comfortable seats that expand into completely flat beds, the well-equipped entertainment system, the delicious meals, good wines, and the fantastic service that makes taking a first-class flight with the German airline memorable.

2. Emirates

Emirates has cut some of its costs lately but this hasn’t impacted the quality of its premium cabins. The flight crew welcomes the passengers with champagne, Arabic coffee, and dates, and an unparalleled view of the takeoff thanks to the plane’s tail cameras. The amenities offered are stylish and luxurious, from the moisturizing pajamas to amenity kit.

Emirate’s first-class cabin is a bit more luxuriously decorated, the seats come with large screens, a varied selection of snacks, quality dining, a bar, and all the comfort one would imagine this high above the ground. And the showers’ floors are heated, adding an extra bit of luxury to the trip.

1. Etihad

Etihad’s first-class flight was voted best in the business this year. Especially since the airline has upgraded its first-class experience with First Apartment and First Suite, two amazing options for an ultra-luxurious flight.

First Apartment is a spacious (in airline terms) apartment in the sky. After closing the privacy blinds, there is still space to walk around. The cabin comes with a wide armchair as well as a separate 6 foot 10 bed, as well as a full-length wardrobe. In First Suite, the chair extends into a 6 foot 8 flat bed, completely closeable privacy blinds. All this comes along with the Lobby, a meeting place or space for entertainment, as well as the usual luxurious in-flight meals and amenities.

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