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Most Valuable Second Language to Learn

ForexBonuses has gathered together the research to reveal which second language is the most valuable to know or learn. The languages are ranked in terms of usefulness both in the UK and abroad, based on how many jobs are available for the speakers compared to the bilingual average, how many countries have it as an official language and the estimated number of people who speak it fluently. And, of course, the average annual salary for the jobs with that specific language requirement.

Here are the top results: 

  1. German: The most valuable second language, speaking German opens up 265% more jobs compared to the bilingual average, and provides an average salary of just over £24,000.
  2. French: French is an official or co-official language in 41 countries, and knowing how to speak it still increases your job opportunities by 190%. According to the Foreign Service Institute, French is the third-easiest language for English speakers to learn, so no excuses!
  3. Russian: Knowing how to speak Russian gives you less job opportunities, but the highest potential average salary of £31,269. Therefore, choosing to learn Russian for employment prospects is a toss-up between the skill technically being the most valuable but the demand fairly low.
  4. Arabic: Similar to learning Russian, learning Arabic doesn’t increase your job prospects compared to the bilingual average, but does offer a high average annual salary of over £29,000 for jobs with that specific language requirement.
  5. Spanish: over half a billion people speak fluent Spanish around the world, but this doesn’t seem to dampen job prospects, as knowing this language increases your options by 18% compared to the bilingual average.


Languages have been chosen from the most spoken across the world. The results for the average number of jobs and average salary were found across two websites in order to maximise accuracy. Full methodology can be found on the infographic.

Iuliia Tore