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In Finnish Lapland, growth in tourism is enhanced with nature

The growth in international tourism in Lapland for the beginning of 2017 was 28.4%. The town of Kemijärvi has decided to increase its own share in this intensifying export trade by investing in international tourism trends, i.e. nature and environmental values, as well as a sustainable service and hotel concept.

Kemijärvi, set in the lake district of Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle, intends to open a solid wooden structured hotel in 2020 with the outstanding representation of international design and architecture. The total cost for the project has been estimated at around 15 million euros. With this pioneering project, Kemijärvi seeks to substantially increase tourism income to achieve a distinct upward trend in the number of jobs available in the tourism industry.

The wooden-built hotel is the first of its kind multi-storey hotel in Finland.The location for the hotel is planned for among Kemijärvi’s waterways, next to the Cultural Centre on the shores of Lake Pöyliöjärvi, and very close to the town centre. The destination is located approximately an hour’s drive away from Lapland’s capital town and airport in Rovaniemi. Kemijärvi seeks growth from the increasing numbers of international tourists with its new hotel project and its marketing efforts focusing on visibility, recognition and attraction factors. The architectural models and other presentation material are now ready.

Searching for an operator for this unique ecological wooden hotel in Kemijärvi, Lapland

The town of Kemijärvi has initiated an active procurement process for seeking a professional in the hotel business to commence commercial operations in this high-standard hotel complex, on a site surrounded by lakes. During this autumn, the destination will be offered to Lappish, Finnish and international hotel operators and investors.

The points of departure for the design of the Kemijärvi Wooden Hotel are themes related to wellbeing and nature – precisely the natural opportunities Kemijärvi offers for year-round tourism growth. Kemijärvi’s location provides superior possibilities for the aforementioned themes, as the town is located close to a number of ski and holiday resorts, not to mention the three unique national parks and all the nature activities these provide.

The themed hotel represents architecture that highlights northern environmental values

Kemijärvi’s Wooden Hotel represents architecture highlighting environmental values. The architectural designs, image and drawing material was implemented by Toni Yli-Suvanto Architects Ltd from Helsinki. Originally from Kemijärvi, Architect Toni Yli-Suvanto has achieved international success with his architectural designs that focus on healthy, ecologically and economically sustainable solutions.

Health and wellbeing are integral elements of the spaces, structures and services of the Kemijärvi Wooden Hotel. The hotel entirety has been designed to be people-friendly, while giving due consideration for the environment. Wood is used in a variety of ways in the design of the façades, local natural materials meticulously selected for each space highlight the closeness of nature, while the wooden structure promotes healthy indoor air, and it is eco-friendly.


Leased plot area 36,500 m2

Building rights for 7,000 m2

Total hotel floor space 5,490 m2

Number of rooms 101

Restaurant seats 200

Sauna and small spa department

Multi-function premises

Property investment c. 14 million euros (excl. VAT)

Equipment and fittings investment c. 1.3 million euros (excl. VAT)

Turnover target c. 4.0 million euros


Total demand in tourism 932 m€

Tourism as a percentage of GDP 5.9%

Number of jobs in tourism 4,400

Tourism jobs as a percentage of all jobs 7.5%

Iuliia Tore