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Passengers using services with non-CIS countries increased by 13.3% in January-July

Passenger numbers on long-distance international services with non-CIS countries in January-July 2017 increased by 13.3% compared to the same period last year and totalled more than 411,200.

The largest increases were recorded between Russia – Finland, where passenger numbers were up 25.7%, followed by Russia – Germany (+ 20.4%), Russia – Italy (+ 7.3%) and Russia – China (+ 12.7%).

International direct and transit passenger services are provided to 11 countries in Europe and Asia on 20 international routes, including trains from Russia to Germany, France, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and China etc.

In order to meet the constantly rising demand for passenger transportation by rail between Russia and Europe as a whole, including services between Russia and Germany, Russian Railways launched train No. 13/14 Strizh Moscow-Berlin in December 2016.

Since the launch of Strizh services on 17 December 2016, a total of about 14,800 passengers have been transported.

Strizh trains carried about 13,600 passengers during January-July 2017.

Iuliia Tore