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First CLAC Expo to be held in Zhuhai

August 16 witnessed the first CLAC (China-Latin America and the Caribbean) Expo Promotion Conference in Beijing.

As announced at the Conference, the first CLAC Expo will be staged in Zhuhai from November 7 to November 9 by the China Chamber of International Commerce and the Zhuhai Municipal Government. With the theme “Bosom Friends Make Distance Disappear”, the Expo centers on cooperation in economy and trade underpinned by that in technology and agriculture. Exhibitions and meetings will be organized on commodity trading, service trading, technical cooperation, investment and tourism cooperation. In this way, an international expo arises that presents national image, demonstrates products, and promotes business cooperation and cultural communication in the new fields.

Deputy Mayor of Zhuhai Zhu Qingqiao said at the Conference that the value of trade between China and Latin America and the Caribbean has grown by more than 20 times over the past decade. The overall cooperation between the two sides has made continuous progresses and yielded new fruits. Currently, China is the second largest trading partner and the third largest source of investment of the latter, while the latter are ranking as the seventh largest trading partner and major overseas investment destinations of China. As Zhu points out, by virtue of the Expo, an opportunity for exchanges and win-win development for enterprises at both sides, China and Latin America and the Caribbean will together enhance their interconnectivity in the policy, facility, trade, finance and people so as to step up practical cooperation in economy and trade.

It is learned that the Expo, mainly open to Latin America and the Caribbean, will house 400 to 500 exhibitors across 30,000 m2 and may attract over 40,000 audiences. It will comprise three areas, namely, Latin America and the Caribbean Specialty Exhibition Area, China-Latin America and the Caribbean Cooperation Exhibition Area, and Zhuhai Pavilion. As the highlight, Latin America and the Caribbean Specialty Exhibition Area will feature specialty food and agricultural products, cultural tourism products, and healthcare services provided by enterprises from the region. In the China-Latin America and the Caribbean Cooperation Exhibition Area, achievements in interactions between large Chinese enterprises and Latin America and the Caribbean will be presented. The Zhuhai Pavilion will showcase the emerging industries in Zhuhai that enjoy international competitiveness.

At the Conference, Niu Jing, Party secretary of Hengqin New Area, introduced the progress of the Hengqin CLAC Cooperation Park which is under construction. As the main structure of the first phase, covering an area of 35,000 m2, has been completed, enterprises are expected to start business there this year. The Park will provide both sides with vehicles and platforms for exchanges in culture and tourism, cross-border e-commerce, economy and trade, modern business services, etc.

Representatives from embassies of the Latin American and Caribbean countries in China had in-depth communication with their Zhuhai counterparts on the details of exhibition and investment in Zhuhai.

Iuliia Tore