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50 long-distance trains equipped with removable gangways

The Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of OJSC Russian Railways, has equipped more than 1,400 carriages on 47 branded and international and 7 express trains with removable gangways.

The removable gangways are very strong and have been installed to improve passenger safety and convenience when boarding train from the platform.

These gangways will allow passengers carrying a lot of luggage, families with children, elderly travellers and low mobility passengers on wheelchairs to board and leave the train without difficulty and overcome easily the gap between the train and the platform.

The gangways have a detachable design and are easily removed and installed without interfering with the free movement of passengers on the train set.

Removable gangways were installed on long distance trains for the first time in 2015, when they were fitted to 15 trains at the Federal Passenger Company’s North-West branch.

At the moment, the Federal Passenger Company’s management is actively working on the issue of equipping all the train carriages it operates which depart from high platforms where the trains are made up, and arrive on high platforms to the turnaround points, with removable gangways.

These measures will not only improve the safety of passenger rail transport, but also make for much greater convenience for citizens who experience difficulties in long-distance travelling.

Iuliia Tore