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Chinese now included in navigation system at Leningrad Station in Moscow

Additional information signs in Chinese have been put up at Leningrad Railway Station in Moscow. Announcements about train departure and arrival times are now being translated into Chinese and displayed on the information boards.

The information display takes 40 seconds to run through its full cycle in all languages, with announcements in Russian lasting 20 seconds and in English and Chinese 10 seconds respectively.

By 29 September 2017, the navigation signs at the station will also be adapted and inform passengers about the location of exits, medical posts, waiting rooms, left luggage rooms, customs and inspection zones and other services.

In addition to Leningrad station, a pilot project for the introduction of Chinese will also be launched at Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg, where additional navigation for Chinese-speaking passengers will appear by the end of 2017 as part of the station’s preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The choice of stations for the implementation of the project is due to the popularity of the railway St. Petersburg – Moscow line with Chinese tourists.

Iuliia Tore