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Air France designs new collection sustainble travel accessories

Air France presents an original collection of bags and accessories made from recycled aircraft seat material, in cooperation with bilum. Committed to reducing its environmental impact for several years now, this is the third time that Air France is organizing a recycling campaign of used company materials.

Each item is unique and fully hand-made. Used leather seat and headrest covers are manually cut into pieces and carefully cleaned, and don’t undergo any further processing such as dyeing or topstitching. They are then made into bags and pouches with handles made from old safety belts.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in Ile-de-France – the pieces are prepared in the bilum workshop at Choisy-le-Roi and manufactured on site and in different ESAT centres (sheltered employment sector, helping disabled people back into the workplace). Each unique item is fully French produced in line with responsible and sustainable methods.

Air France is involved in sustainable development initiatives and has created the “Takes Care” label, identifying all its responsible and sustainable actions.This emblematic upcycling made in France range is a typical example. To this end, these new recycled Air France Shopping products form part of the company’s sustainable development strategy, built around four pillars – environment, customer experience, employee experience and local development.

Iuliia Tore